HinLam is our range of Pre-cured Pultruded laminates. At present Carbon/Epoxy and Glass/Epoxy profiles in different sizes and shapes can be manufactured. Our Laminates are specifically designed to meet demanding Structural rehabilitation and Civil Engineering application requirements. Custom profiles can also be developed as per application requirements.
Hinlam laminates are characterized by their high Tensile Modulus & high Tensile Strength. The strips are the pull formed Carbon/Epoxy composites that are used for strengthening of existing concrete structures by adhering them to a substrate by using an Epoxy Adhesive.
Product CodeTensile Strength - (Unit: MPa)Tensile Modulus - (Unit: GPa)ElongationReinforcementDownload
Hinlam SM20001651.2Carbon/Epoxy Download
Hinlam HM18001451.2Carbon/Epoxy Download