HinPreg® is our range of Prepreg systems manufactured using a Hotmelt process that supports both Thermoset and Thermoplastic Prepreg's. Aerial weights from 150 GSM to as up too 900 GSM in Carbon, Glass, Aramid and combinations thereof are possible. A Wide selections of resin formulations are available to meet a variety of composites processing requirements for tack, toughness, cure time, cure temperature etc.
Hinpreg® CEA0020 is an advanced CYANATE-ESTER prepreg developed to enable economic manufacturing of various high performance composite applications. It has a versatile curing cycle, from 1000C to as high as 1800C. It is been specially formulated to achieve excellent through-cure and mechanical performance as it can be combined with glass,quartz, carbon as well as aramid.
Product CodeTypical Cure CycleDry Tg DSCOutlife @ 23° CStandard FormsDownload
Hinpreg CEA0020110°C --- 30 min260 - 3007 DaysUD Tape/Fabric Download

Uni-Directional - Thermoset Epoxy Prepreg's

Preimpregnated reinforcements for optimum material properties, ease of use and extreme light weighting requirements. Prepreg’s are available in a variety of Epoxy formulations maximized for different end user applications and production requirements.

Woven – Epoxy and Cynate Ester based Prepreg's

Preimpregnated reinforcements for optimum material properties and drapeability in both (0/90) directions. A variety of reinforcement options and Aerial weights are available to suit different end use and processing requirements.

Thermoplastic Prepregs

Resin impregnated fabrics with Thermoplastic resin systems for applications requiring strength, toughness, FR ability and moisture resistance.