Unidirectional and Bi - Directional  Reinforcements are available under the HinFab Brand name. Aerial weights from 150 GSM to 1000 GSM and widths up too 1.5m are available for most standard configurations. A wide variety of reinforcing fibers such as Carbon, Glass, Aramid and combination thereof  are available.
A diverse range of Hybrid fabric reinforcements in combination of Carbon/Glass, Carbon/Aramid, Carbon/Innegra etc are available. Customized solutions can be developed based on application requirements.
Product CodeFiber TypeWeave StyleAerial WeightFilamentsDownload
HCAP180BDCarbon/Aramid1703K Download

HinFab® - Uni-Directional Fabrics

These Fabrics have fiber in just one direction and then stabilized with a fill fiber in the weft direction. Uni Directional fabric are ideal for carrying loads in one direction, they provide excellent material properties.

HinFab® - Bi Directional - Plain, Twill, Satin,Leno, Basket etc

Woven reinforcements are a result of interlacing a Warp (0) and Weft (90) thread. . They provide strength and stiffness in two directions, good handling characteristics and drapeability.

HinFix® - Heat Set – Woven and UD Fabrics

HinFix® reinforcements are designed to maintain the weave pattern of a carbon fabric even when the fabric is handled or cut into smaller pieces. This is particularly useful for applications that must maintain a strong aesthetic appearance.

HinForm® - Bonded/Weave Stabilized – Woven and UD Fabrics

HinForm® reinforcements are designed to allow the user to make preforms before the matrix system is introduced in the molding process. The reinforcements are treated with a very light layer of special resin which can be processed at low temperatures.