Unidirectional and Bi - Directional  Reinforcements are available under the HinFab Brand name. Aerial weights from 150 GSM to 1000 GSM and widths up too 1.5m are available for most standard configurations. A wide variety of reinforcing fibers such as Carbon, Glass, Aramid and combination thereof  are available.
Available in range of GSM from 300 GSM to 900 GSM with different fiber options such as E, R, S2 Glass etc.
Product CodeFiber TypeWeave StyleAerial WeightFilamentsThickness (mm)Download
HGP116BDPLain116450 1/20.12 Download
HGP1581BD8 Ends Satin298150 1/20.21 Download
HGP7781BD8 Ends Satin30575 1/20.23 Download
HGU350UDUD3601200Tex0.36 Download
HGU600UDUD6001200Tex0.62 Download
HGU700UDUD7001200Tex0.74 Download
HGU900UDUD9001200Tex0.95 Download

HinFab® - Uni-Directional Fabrics

These Fabrics have fiber in just one direction and then stabilized with a fill fiber in the weft direction. Uni Directional fabric are ideal for carrying loads in one direction, they provide excellent material properties.

HinFab® - Bi Directional - Plain, Twill, Satin,Leno, Basket etc

Woven reinforcements are a result of interlacing a Warp (0) and Weft (90) thread. . They provide strength and stiffness in two directions, good handling characteristics and drapeability.

HinFix® - Heat Set – Woven and UD Fabrics

HinFix® reinforcements are designed to maintain the weave pattern of a carbon fabric even when the fabric is handled or cut into smaller pieces. This is particularly useful for applications that must maintain a strong aesthetic appearance.

HinForm® - Bonded/Weave Stabilized – Woven and UD Fabrics

HinForm® reinforcements are designed to allow the user to make preforms before the matrix system is introduced in the molding process. The reinforcements are treated with a very light layer of special resin which can be processed at low temperatures.