Hindoostan Composite Solutions also helps its customers with starter kits for carbon fabric Skinning Kit, Vacuum Bagging Kit, hand layup and out of autoclave prepregs to facilitate the need of Indian Composite industry for moderate cost and quality experimentation with carbon and other high performance fabrics for composite manufacturing. The kits will essentially includes all items for an amateur or a professional to start on one day, which was only a dream for students and composite professional in the past. The accessories along with the kits includes items like breather fabric, release film, nylon bagging film, sealant, brushes, rollers etc along with booklets.
The vacuum bagging molding process uses a flexible and transparent film in order to fully enclose the wet laminate by using pressure exerted by a vacuum pump. Resin is drawn thru the laminate stack using vacuum pressure  to provide compacting of layers removal of excess resin. Vacuum bagging is widely used in the composite industry because of its proven benefits. Fiberglass, carbon fiber and resin materials can be laminated together using the vacuum bag technique. This complete vacuum bagging starter kit includes everything needed to produce smaller sized vacuum bag composite components.
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