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HCS - Sports


Lightweight ensures lower Player fatigue without any compromise in Performance of Sporting equipment


Since the commercialization of Carbon fibers in the early 1970’s the sporting goods market has been one of the earliest adopters of Carbon fiber materials and as such has served as a useful testing ground for new materials and processes. From initial usage in Gold Shafts the usage has expanded in too recreational sports such as Tennis rackets, softball bats, hockey sticks, and archery arrows and bows Most of these products commonly manufactured with carbon fiber reinforced composites. This allows manufactures to make lighter weight equipment without compromising strength. For example, with a lighter weight tennis racket, one can get much faster racket speed, and ultimately, hit the ball harder and faster. Athletes continue to push for an advantage in equipment and to achieve new levels of performance. Helmets are another segment for Carbon composites. Carbon is mainly used in sporting goods applications due to their higher strength/weight ratio, higher Stiffness/weight ratio and lower specific gravity. Carbon also has exceptional vibration damping capabilities, fatigue life and corrosion resistance.

HInPreg is our range of ready to Lay Pre Impregnated Reinforcements

Specaility Thermoset and High Temperature based Resin system’s are also avaialble on request

Uni Directional (UD) and Woven Carbon.Glass, Aramid Fabrics

Woven & Unidirectional Dry Reinforcements are Avaialble under the HinFab Brand name