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HCS - Infrastructure


Superior strength and stiffness greatly Improves lifespan of older structures and allows improve designs for new structures


Today's construction industry demands materials that ensures Safety, reliability and Durability. The construction industry faces a challenge to ensure not only performance but also to ensure quality, safety and aesthetics. Protect, Repair and Improve have become the buzzwords in an industry faced with the challenge of providing solutions to the structures that affect peoples lives and their livelihoods. Bridges, Buildings, Roads, Schools are all today in dire need of repair solution that are not only fast and strong but also safe and durable.At HCS , we are in the business of providing materials solutions to ensure that these structures last. We provide products and services to protect, strengthen and maintain these structures inside out.

Epoxy Saturant 2 part Epoxy Hand laminating resin System

Our range of Specilaity Resin System. We Offer a wide range of specialty.

Other consumables such as Putty and Adhesive

Variety of Anicillary products tools and Equipments to assist with composite Manufacturing are available with us

Precured Carbon and Glass Laminates

pre-cured pultruded laminates in carbon/Expoxy and glass/ Epoxy in different sizes and shapes

Uni Directional (UD) and Woven Carbon.Glass, Aramid Fabrics

Woven & Unidirectional Dry Reinforcements are Avaialble under the HinFab Brand name