Improves Overall safety and crash protection whilst offering superiror performance and improved Fuel economy


With the requirements of manufacturing lighter vehicle becoming increasingly important, composites are being used in greater amounts to replace many of the automotive components that have been traditionally manufactured from steel and aluminium. Historically most carbon fiber automotive applications were for high end / Low volume vehicles, and generally used 3K 6K and 24K in Pre Preg form. As this format used aerospace quality Carbon Fibre (Very High cost) – no one in the industry would invest in process development for high volume applications. The market segment stalled. In the last few years the requirements for lighter cars have pushed the steel industry to its limits and the industry has now turned to Composites. Mainly PAN based High tow count Industrial grade Carbon fiber - due to its superior price performance ratio has emerged as the material of choice. HCS with its manufacturing capacity of over 100 metric tonnes, and a ‘cost base’ built around high volume, low cost carbon fiber for is ideally place to supply carbon Fibre for Automotive applications. In most instances where Carbon fiber is used, the core competences that are required for ‘each market sector’ differs a little. This format provides the customer with a comprehensive capability with much cross fertilization of applications and industries. With HCS direct Involvement with the Auto Industry, it has become involved with all the relevant processes and raw materials that are currently being utilized in the automotive sector. We are well positioned to solve all your Automotive product development requirements.

HInPreg is our range of ready to Lay Pre Impregnated Reinforcements

Specaility Thermoset and High Temperature based Resin system’s are also avaialble on request

Uni Directional (UD) and Woven Carbon.Glass, Aramid Fabrics

Woven & Unidirectional Dry Reinforcements are Avaialble under the HinFab Brand name