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HCS - Applications

Performance Products for Demanding Applications

Stiffer, stronger, and lighter than conventional materials carbon fiber composites are improving Performance across Industries


  • Infrastructure


    Carbon composites are playing a vital role in the repair, rehabilitation and up-gradation of civil engineering structures. HCS supports this market with our heavy tow based Woven, Uni-Directional and Pre-cured Laminate.

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  • Aerospace


    Safety, Durability and Performance have long been mainstays of the Aerospace Industry. The Industry continue to look at novel approaches to significantly reduce Aircraft weight without compromising on Structural Integrity.

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  • Sports


    Volume production and repeatability are the hallmarks of the sporting goods market. HCS line of fast cure thermoset prepreg materials is finding wide acceptance amongst sporting goods customers worldwide. Our ability to tailor make prepregs to customer requirements is much sought after.

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  • Automotive


    The global automotive market is aggressively looking at composites to meet weight and performance targets. Our ability to develop customized solutions is helping us make inroads into the Industry. HCS can provide Carbon fabrics, Hybrid fabrics, pre-forms and Thermoplastic prepreg to meet the needs to this market.

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  • Marine


    Providing the correct mix of reinforcement matrices to meet the varying load conditions is a major challenge to the Marine market. Our ability to provide thermoformed and weave-stabilized woven fabrics allows our customers to lay up material easily and improve localized performance requirements.

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